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Android Radio Player

Listen to any android device, from $49,99

  • Support Shoutcast
  • Single radio station
  • Metadata song
  • Search for the cover of the track
  • Own management backend
  • Background play
  • Background remote control
  • Cool design animation
  • User registration
  • User chat
  • Deleting chat messages
  • Free for ForceSP Customers

Android Radio Player

Listen your radio with Android ForceSP application with any Android device.

A simple and powerful solution to listen to your online radio on devices that use the Android operating system.

Play / Pause / Stop Live Stream Radio

Separate menus: site, facebook, twitter, chat.

Notification bar with play, pause and close button

Supported streams : AAC, AAC +, MP3

Social sharing (Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Mail etc.).

Optionally, you can also publish in the Play Store

Looking for a custom solution?

We can provide you the best custom made Android Player on the market, no matter whether you are at the beginning or a large enterprise.

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